Crosbyton High School Renovation

Crosbyton, Texas

K-12 Education

While this 24,000 sq. ft. building was built in 1925, many of its historic elements had been covered up by renovations over the decades. The building was in need of new interior finishes, lighting updates, and modifications to improve accessibility. Care was taken in the design to preserve the historic character of the building where possible, and new finishes and fixtures were selected to recall the building's history. Construction was completed in 2019.

Some key design elements include renovation of the historic auditorium in which portions of the original "tin" ceiling are exposed; replacing classroom doors to match the original nine-lite panel doors; installation of protective plastic laminate wainscoting that recalls the original wood wainscoting; a feature wall that contains a collection of yearbook photos from the history of the school showing how the building and the student population changed over the years.